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Turkey Day Comes Early This Year!

Posted by Michael Lee Barlin.com on September 22, 2010 at 3:44 PM

I finished my latest and final (until I hear otherwise) draft of TURKEY DAY, my Thanksgiving-oriented, but universally geared, animated family adventure screenplay.  I'm very proud of it-- 90 rocking and rolling pages that should give the kiddies (and parents) exactly what they want when they go to see a fun, 3D, animation movie at the theatres.


And since there's never been a Thanksgiving animation movie released over the Thanksgiving weekend (a big one by Hollywood standards-- especially for animated movies), I think there's a real opportunity here.


I'm going to the Inktip Pitch Summit in LA this coming weekend to begin shopping the script around (along with 7 other scripts, most of which I haven't ever shopped before like HEADLESS (horror), SNUFF FILM (comedy), S.C.O.P.E. (comedy) and, possibly, THE TOOTH LARRY (family adventure written for CastleBright Studios).  I'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens.


The day before the Pitch Summit, however, I'm shooting two shorts with some funny buds of mine so look for those online soon.  I also found an editor for LOST PANTS so that webseries spoofing LOST will finally be online sometime in either October or November. 


I also may be helping out some colleagues from my home town with an amazing, inspirational, timely and heart-warming true story, so more on that to come as well, I'm sure.


And this Holiday Season I'm probably going to be shopping around a holiday non-fiction book which I'm extremely excited about.


So lots going on.  If you want to stay informed about all my going-ons, now that the train is moving again, sign up to be a member of this website and stay up to date on what's happening with my scripts, movies and books.

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