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FINAL JOURNEY makes The Black List!

Wow! After an amazing year with FINAL JOURNEY being named a winner in the Page International Screenwriting Awards, today the script made the prestigeous Black List! I am beyond honored and excited.  

Below is coverage for FINAL JOURNEY from the 2015 Nicholl Fellowships:

The story has an original premise which is a solid starting point for the movie. The strong beginning is followed by an intriguing middle and a satisfying ending. The story, even with its surreal visions, is linear and makes perfect sense. We’re on a journey with these characters which connects with us emotionally.

The voice of the script is distinctive, giving us a sweet story in the despite the characters’ extremely tough living conditions. The premise, story and characters are all new to us.

The characters in this script have a great deal of depth. Even though there’s not much dialogue, each character has his or her own unique voice. We come to care about them and we want to know what happens to them. The central character changes over the course of the story as she finds the love and acceptance that she missed from her own family. The dialogue and tone are consistent throughout. The way that the people speak fits the setting of the story.

Descriptions of the landscape and the people are really lovely. The dialogue reflects their culture, creating the drama of the story. The inner conflict experienced by the central character propels the story forward. Her actions and those of her companion move the story along. Those actions are a direct result of who they are.

This script genuinely makes us want to keep reading. First we’re drawn in by the exotic location and culture but we’re sustained by the emotions and attachments that develop between the characters. The theme of the accepting death so that younger people may live on the limited resources available is thought-provoking. This is a special screenplay.

Big things going on! Stay tuned for more!

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